The HatCozy and Gambado Garment Company were just purchased by Jacob and Emilee Gibb of Casper, Wyo! Please stay tuned for our updated website and more information. The HatCozy will be available for purchase for Fall 2018. We look forward to working with you. Let ‘er buck!


The HatCozy winterizes any snug-fitting hat by covering the back of your head and ears completely.

The HatCozy’s best feature: it doesn’t change the fit of your hats! 

The thin adjustable strap rides across the top of your head, out of the way. Plus, the HatCozy doesn’t squeeze your temples to stay on, so it’s comfortable.

The HatCozy is easy to put on and take off — nothing to hassle with attaching. Made with high-quality, durable materials that are machine-washable: Polartec® fleece insulating lining and windproof fabric suede shell.

Made to cozy-up cowboy hats, riding helmets and ball caps, the HatCozy also warms construction helmets, fedoras, bicycling helmets, even stocking caps.

“Boy, am I ever glad I bought a HatCozy! I never could make the other cowboy hat ear flaps work. With them my ears stayed cold and the way they attached to my hats was invariably uncomfortable. But then I found the HatCozy. Whoa! This little fella works! During an October 2009 Colorado Snowstorm with freezing cold winds at 12,000 feet I wore the HatCozy with my Stetson and my ears stayed toasty warm. Since it was as comfortable as a knit cap I forgot I was wearing it and could enjoy my hunt. So, kudos to the HatCozy for a great product.”
— Robin Martin, Elk Hunter

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