Its Inception

The HatCozy was originally created by an Oregon horsewoman after searching the market for a solution to be able to wear her hat year-round.

“I searched and searched for a solution to the dilemma of versatile cold-weather headwear,” she says. “I like wearing a cowboy hat when it’s raining and snowing, so I don’t get pelted in the face and down my collar.  But when it’s cold, especially cold and windy, my ears would ache with cold.”

After trying everything from clamp-on headbands to purchasing a larger hat to wear a fleece headband under, she saw the need for a better solution that would be comfortable for long wear, affordable, durable, and most of all, functional for hardworking people.


Why The HatCozy?

Because you just can’t warm your ears in your armpits!™

It’s warm and easy to put on and take off. The only part of the HatCozy under the hat is the strap, which is thin, so it doesn’t change the fit of your hats! The straps have friction, so cowboy hats don’t slip off. The buckle rides out of the way on top of the head, and gives the garment adjustability for a custom fit for different hats wear.

It just rides on the head, with no attachment hassles. Only two sizes cover everybody’s heads. The HatCozy is made from fleece and this great machine-washable fabric that looks, feels and blocks wind like suede. And, when the weather or you warm up, the HatCozy easily folds and slips into your pocket.

The HatCozy is made for cowboy hats, riding helmets and ball caps. It also warms up construction helmets, fedoras, bicycling helmets, even stocking caps.

The HatCozy is made from high-quality materials. The fleece is the best made: Polartec® developed by Malden Mills in Massachusetts. It resists pilling extremely well, meaning it keeps its loft and warmth better. Other materials are high-quality, machine-washable fabric suedes. While these fabrics may be more expensive, they are durable and will provide you with warmth for years. These materials shed horse hair, dog hair (and your hair!) and hay much better than their cheaper counterparts, making them much more functional for the wear and tear of an active lifestyle.


Our values

Gambado LLC and the HatCozy are owned and operated by the Gibb family of Casper, Wyo. Working in the cattle industry and being outdoor enthusiasts in Big Beautiful Wyoming, we understand the rigors and challenges facing those who work hard and play hard in all seasons.

In all aspects of life, we value the integrity of a spoken word and a handshake, the satisfaction of a job well done regardless of recognition, and the importance of being wise stewards of the things the Lord has blessed us with.

We are proud to say that the HatCozy is manufactured here in the U.S.A. While this makes the product more expensive to produce than manufacturing it overseas, it is important to us to support our local economy, and that our product is made ethically and with the utmost care.

We stand behind the HatCozy’s materials and workmanship. Our goal is that the worst problem you have with your HatCozy is your friends may steal it from you! If you ever have any problems with a HatCozy, please contact us and we’ll make it right.

We look forward to serving you. Let ‘er buck!

-Jacob and Emilee Gibb

Owners, Gambado LLC

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