“I want one for each pocket, and one for each truck. That makes four…”

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m very happy with your product. I was a little skeptical at first as I’ll be using it for my riding helmet and not a cowboy hat, and I was worried that I would feel the little clip on top. But I don’t notice it at all, and it is completely comfortable! My ears stayed nice and warm when I went riding last weekend. And now I have no worries of staying warm during winter riding season.”
— Angela, New Jersey


“I just wanted to let you know that I’m very happy with my Hat Cozy. My concerns regarding wind blowing up under the ear cups were unwarranted. They really hug my head well and keep my ears warm. I’ll definitely recommend the Hat Cozy to my friends!”
— Scott, outdoorsman, Texas


“…the Cozy arrived and it is wonderful! We live in the foothills of the Pyrenees and get strong winds. My hat cozy blocks them perfectly. It fits very comfortably, is a great product and I’ll make sure to spread the word.”
— Randy, France


“I wore the Hat Cozy under my riding helmet for four hours while teaching yesterday in a very chilly wind, and it performed beautifully.  Warm, secure, more comfortable than any ear warmers I’ve had before, and looks SO much better too!”
— Joanna O’Neill, horse trainer & riding instructor, England


“Just a quick note to let you know how much I like my HatCozy — I had one like it several years ago. But it had metal clips that hooked on my cowboy hat’s hatband — it worked, but not as good as yours. Thanks again.”
— Cole Digges, Virginia


“Thank you so much for making this product. I have been searching the internet looking for something like you have made for many, many, years. I own a small ranch and I wear cowboy hats; I work outside all day. Cowboy hats are very warm for winters in Montana (if you have some kind of ear protection). Your product works well with prescription glasses sunglasses, as the fleece form fits around the glasses.

Your product is the ONLY product out there that: 1. Keeps my ears warm. 2. Keeps my hat in place. 3. Doesn’t hurt my head or neck (as some other designs do). 4. Doesn’t shift or move like some other designs. 5. Best of all, I can keep my blue tooth on under my ‘Hat Cozy’ when pushing cows in the mountains. LOVE YOUR PRODUCT. They keep your ears warm…and for a old cowboy who has had my ears frostbitten that is VERY important.”
— David “Duster”, Montana rancher, SASS shooter


“Boy am I ever glad I bought a HatCozy! I never could make the other cowboy hat ear flaps work. With them my ears stayed cold and the way they attached to my hats was invariably uncomfortable. But then I found the HatCozy. Whoa! This little fella works! During an October 2009 Colorado Snowstorm with freezing cold winds at 12,000 feet I wore the HatCozy with my Stetson and my ears stayed toasty warm. Since it was as comfortable as a knit cap I forgot I was wearing it and could enjoy my hunt. So, kudos to the HatCozy for a great product.”
— Robin Martin, Elk Hunter


“We think they are great!!! We both like how they fit. We both like the color. Neither one of us got the headaches that we got from the [XXXx] (spring loaded ear covers). We found that they adjusted easily and stayed in place well. I will confess that Kitty no longer has hers, I stole it because the large was too big for me (I wear a size 7 hat, even though I’m pretty tall). I spoke too soon on making a smaller size for kids my son’s age [4]. It was cold and windy here yesterday and he wanted to wear his cowboy hat so I put the Hat Cozy on him and it worked great.”
— Rick & Kitty Lauman, Lauman Horse Training, Oregon


“The HatCozy works great for me. What I like about it is how handy it is. In the winter it just stays in my coat pocket all the time so it’s there when I need it. When the day warms up it’s easy to just pull off real quick and stick back in the pocket. Also it never matters which of the variety of hats I may wear, it always fits comfortably. Great product!”
— Clay Maier, Friesian Spectacular / Rein Dance, Kentucky


“When she got home from her riding lesson, she went sledding with her dad in our backyard… I am sending pictures to show how she LOVES your ear warmers! Thank you again,”
— Kathy Moezzi, mom of Jillian, Hunter-Jumper equestrian


“They worked just great. Didn’t get a lot of cold weather, but had quite a few cold mornings until the sun came out. It was real nice to be able to keep my ears warm without the bulk of a scarf or a stocking cap. Plus I didn’t have the ‘hat hair’ like I normally do with a stocking cap. No hair static either. I will recommend these to all my friends. Thanks for a great product.”
— Yvette Fetsch, from elk camp


“Good fitting, easy to put on and off. Will make it possible to wear a fedora here in Norway in the wintertime — the temperature here today is 15°F. Great product! Thank you.”
— Arvid, from Trondheim, Norway


“I just wanted to thank you for your great customer service. It is so hard to find these days. It is greatly appreciated. The ear flaps are GREAT! Thank you again.”
— Bill Williams, Montana


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